Tobago Cays!

I had been waiting for the Tobago Cays for a while and I was very excited to get there and get to see some turtles. I am sure you will see in the video how excited I was.

We spent 5 days there and got to swim with Turtles everyday. We even saw some grey rays and a few eagle spotted rays. Arthur got to practice some more of his swimming skills and even got to play with other kiddos.

Thankfully you only need to get in the water and float to see all the turtles around and as they are used to people it is easy to approach them.

One terrible thing did happen, Andrew stepped on a sea urchin. The nasty poisonous one too. After torturing him with needles and tweezers trying to get them out, he was saved by Amy. James had texted her to find out what to do and the best thing was to not touch it and soak in vinegar many times a day until all spines were dissolved! we got some vinegar out and got to watch bubbles come out from under his foot as the spines were dissolving, super cool and weird! he had so many of them that it took over a week for him to feel better and be able to wear shoes and fins again.

Other than that, we really had a great time there and were a little sad to go but as you have to pay daily to stay we had to move on.