Sailing down the Grenadines

We left Martinique without knowing whether or not we were going to be able to get our replacement dinghy as promised in St. Lucia. We left anyway and anchored in Rodney Bay. Thankfully the Highfield person in China came through over night and everything was organized for us to drop off our old dinghy and pick up the new one.

We are crossing our fingers that this one doesn't have a problem but I have to say that I was happy with the way Highfield dealt with it. It had been very stressful for us to think that we might be heading into the pacific with our kids and a dinghy that took on water. I am very thankful for the fact that we won't have to do that. While picking up our dinghy and since we were checking in and out the same day I managed to convince James to buy our bottom paint here while we could get it tax free (we would rejoice at that amazing choice later!). Once that was all settled we left Saint Lucia and headed down to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with our first stop being Bequai. We were very happy to finally be sailing with our friends Andrew and Lindsey on Caramba. It is so nice to get to share this adventure with others and still have your home (boat!) to yourself. Before leaving Bequai we went to the market to get some fresh fruits and veggies. There were about 5 stalls and everyone expected us to buy something from them (in a very nice way). I was happy to do so as there were quite a few things I wanted. So I bought tomatoes from one, a banana stalk from another, cucumbers from another and so on and so forth. They were all happy and smiling when we left and I was pleased to have needed something from each of them. After Bequai we had thought of stopping for the morning in Mustique and to have a drink at the famous Basil's Bar but after discovering that they charged just to set foot on land we decided otherwise and moved on to Canouan. There wasn't much of interest in Canouan except for a nice beach with a pretty empty looking hotel on it. We left the next day and headed for the Tobago cays were we were looking forward to cristal clear water and lots of turtles to swim with.