The good, the bad and the ugly

I have been wondering a lot about what our new life is going to look like.
There is the obvious, being together all the time and discovering ourselves and each other while also discovering the world and new cultures. But so much proximity can also get ugly and I am trying to think of ways to minimize that possibility.
I want our little family to work in harmony and happiness as much as possible, Now I didn't say calmness as I am not expecting much of that with two little kiddos:)

I also want to avoid being those people trying to anchor and turning ugly on each other when everything starts to go wrong. We will definitely have to come up with a way to communicate while staying calm, Hand signals? walky talkies? or just practice practice practice while no one is around and we can scream at each other all we like until we figure it out!

Hopefully my dad's friend, who has been a captain on Amel boats for most of his life will be available to teach us the ins and outs of our new home.

And hopefully we make it through the first six month and still love it enough to keep going.

I have my eyes on the South Pacific and I intend to make it!!