Guadeloupe & A horrible night at Anchor...

We sailed down to Saint Kitts and were really disappointed to find out that there was no way to go on the sugar train unless you booked it through your cruise ship. Basically, the sugar train was only for cruise ships passengers!!! What a bummer. I was really annoyed and disappointed but very glad we hadn't told Arthur, as it was meant as a surprise, so we didn't have to deal with his disappointment.

Instead of staying we decided to leave straight away and sail down all the way to Guadeloupe where we would wait for my mom and Thierry to arrive.

We had a peaceful sail down and were happy to drop the hook in Deshais the next morning.
We also got the nice surprise of seeing our friends on Ran anchored a few boats in front of us. We hadn't seen them since we met them in Cape Verde but had kept in touch as we had crossed the Atlantic a few days apart.
Little did we know how crazy the next few days would turn out to be. The weather turned on us and a massive swell started to make its way into the anchorage. It was like being at sea but worse as you just kept on being tossed around in a different way every time.
After two days and two sleepless nights of this it finally started to come down, just in time for our friends on Ran to almost get hit by another boat.
This Canadian boat had anchored right next to them and as the wind changed they almost smashed into Ran. Thankfully both James and Johan were in their dinghy at that moment and James rushed over to help push away the Canadian boat.
The worst part of all this was that the owner of said boat were having lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach and saw the whole thing happening. Instead of rushing back though they finished their lunch and only came back on board more then half an hour later! They then spent 20 minutes standing at the bow looking at whether or not they truly had to move!!! I am just glad they weren't next to us because I might have lost it. Here is RANs video from Guadaloupe:

Talking about loosing it, while that was happening someone else was having a meltdown because someone anchored too close to them. This old guy that looked like skinny Santa started yelling and insulting the boat that had anchored next to them. I am not sure if he had asked nicely for them to move at first but he was now down to insults obscenities.
As the other boat didn't seem to care or move the guy got in his dinghy and started scooping water out of it angrily while still shooting, I really wish I had filmed it but thought it might just add fuel to the fire.
The guy finally got enough water out to start his dinghy and head over to the other boat and started pushing them away with it. By that time his wife was yelling at him to come back and the couple on the boat being pushed were also starting to yell. No worries, that didn't stop him and he decided to go one step further and pulled down his pants and gave them a wiggle! Needless to say that finally did it and the people pulled up anchor and moved somewhere else.
I have to say that although his methods were wrong, but pretty entertaining to watch, that other boat was anchored too close and after the few days of crazy rolling around I wasn't surprised at what happened.

After all this entertainment we simply started getting the boat ready for my mom and my uncle's arrival. Since we rented a car to pick them up we decided to go on a quick tour and ended up deciding to take the kids to the zoo we had passed by the next morning.

It was a tiny zoo but so much fun. The walkways and monkeys were endless fun for the kids and they also had this wonderful kids park that I wish I could find everywhere.

That afternoon I picked up my mom and Thierry and we headed back to the boat with the last provisioning run I had done.

Once settled all that was left was to decide where to go and we were off!