In this video we pick up my Mom and Thierry in Deshais and head down to the Saints before taking off for Dominica.
We had read so much bad stuff about Dominica, like it's unsafe and you get hassled all the time so we were a bit cautious going there.
Well it turns out the internet couldn't be more wrong and Dominica was amazing.
Yes it is poor and still has loads of rubbish laying around on the beach or the streets but they are trying to be better and everyone there was really friendly and lovely to us.
Someone called Titus came zooming toward us the second we appeared at the entrance to the harbor of Portsmouth, I straight away thought here you go we are going to get hassled. But like I said I couldn't have been more wrong. He showed us where to anchor and offered but didn't push a mooring. He also told us that if we needed anything all we had to do was call him and that was it. We did not get bothered once after that and when we asked him to come back at a certain time the next day to plan seeing the Indian river he arrived on said time and that says a lot for the Caribbean!

We ended up renting a car to go to all the main attractions like the Titou Gorge or the many waterfalls and although quite scary it ended up being a very good idea especially with the kiddos.
We loved how wild and beautiful the rain forest of Dominica was and the effort the government had put in to great trails in the parks going to waterfalls.
If there was anywhere we would go back to in the Caribbean, Dominica would be it.
It is also where we saw our first whales up close. We had seen whales from far away on our sail down to The Saintes in Guadeloupe but these guys hung around next to us for almost an hour. It was incredible and was one of the highlights of our trip so far. We even got to fly Aerobean (the drone) right over them. The video shows it all, spectacular!!
We said goodbye to Dominica and sailed down to Martinique, I think both my
Mom and Thierry were ready to be back amongst people they could understand and communicate with. But that is for my next video...