Tonga - Ha'apai

Ha'apai group or the "Happy Group" as we renamed it had some pretty terrible anchorages but all of that was totally forgotten once we got to swim with whales.

Nat, from Neverland, and I got beyond lucky when we got to hang around a mom and baby humpback whale not once but twice in a row. It is a moment I will never forget.
James, the kids and I also got to see a competitive pod which was really impressive. These guys were huge and making their own counter waves almost like a submarine coming to the surface and going against the waves. With our dinghy in full throttle we could barely keep up with them. They were splashing each other and almost jumping on one another, they were also really loud and somewhat scary in their aggressiveness. I wish we had the drone with us so we could have seen it from above because with the distance you are supposed to keep from the whales the camera/GoPro just doesn't work.

As always we had a lot of BBQ's on the beach and found loads of pretty shells. We also celebrated birthdays and enjoyed the last of Tonga before setting sails for Fiji.